Prepare Your Motorcycles For A Long Trip

Taking a road trip on the back of a motorcycle is an experience of a lifetime. Just you, your cycles, and the open road, headed to destinations that promise excitement, and adventure.


Preparing your motorcycles for a long trip is vital. Taking the time to ensure that everything is as it should be will ensure your safety, comfort, and sheer riding pleasure.

The only major difference to consider when preparing for a long road trip, and preparing for any other ride, is that the distance you will be traveling is much further, and you will be carrying more baggage, and therefore more weight. Taking a long road trip will place more strain on all parts of your cycles, increasing wear and tear at a much higher rate.

Tires – Go The Distance

Your tires are what keep you moving along the road. If you are about to embark on a long journey, check your tires. If you are unsure of whether the tires will go the distance, or if you are already seeing noticeable wear on the tread, change them before you start it up, and ride off into the sunset. It is best to replace the tires a few days before so that you can run them in slowly. Remember to over-inflate the tires to the recommended pressure for weight-bearing loads. You have baggage traveling with you. Keep an eye on your tires throughout your trip. Visual inspections at each pit stop will prevent any small damages resulting in major issues along the way, and even worse, an accident.

Healthy Chain, Happy Trip

The belt, chain, and sprockets are areas of the motorcycles that will be subject to wear at a faster rate when undertaking a long trip. If your chain seems to be worn, stretched, or damaged in any way, change it immediately. A chain that comes off during riding could lock up the rear wheel, leaving stranded. It is a good idea to check your belt, chain, and sprockets at each stop, and if possible, lubricate the chain at every gas point you stop at.

A Tune Up For The Road

Give your cycles a complete once-over before the trip. Tune the engine, replace the lubricants, and ensure that all the filters are clean and ready for the road. Take care to ensure that your brake pads still have enough on them to go the distance. Take your cycles in for a final wheel alignment, and ensure that the fuel tank is rust free.

A road trip on a motorcycle is exhilarating, to say the least, and an experience worth putting on your bucket list. Be sure to strike that one off as soon as the opportunity reveals itself.