If you’re new to the thrilling and exhilarating world of motorcycles, or you are looking to get into it as a sport or as a hobby, you will find that there is a lot more to it than getting on the bike and feeling the wind in your hair. Motorcycles require maintenance and care, like any other vehicle, and also require some essential equipment for safety purposes. Here is a high-level overview of the equipment you’ll need before you put the pedal to the metal.


It has been proven that around 45% of all accidents, or hits, to a motorcycle helmet occur around the face area. This means you will need to purchase a helmet that covers your entire face. This prevents and protects against impact, but also flying objects, (large or small), including rocks, but also wind.

Replace your helmet as a minimum every five years, to ensure that it is performing as it should, and to ensure that your head is always protected. Remember, that even if it doesn’t appear damaged, it still could be. Remember also, that you undoubtedly get what you pay for with helmets, so try not to buy the first, and the cheapest, one that you find. Talk to an expert who will also ensure that it fits properly.

Shoes and Footwear

Bikers are known to wear boots which is another means of protection. If there is an accident, you wouldn’t want your bike to fall on your bare flip-flop wearing foot. To purchase boots or other shoes, visit a local bike shop, or do your research online, by understanding your own particular needs, as well as the products out there, and their reviews.


You may think that your sweet leather jacket that you wear out and about looks great, and is functional for your bike, but you are incorrect. You must buy a jacket that is made specifically for biking. This is because these jackets protect you from the elements, and keep all of your organs in your body protected.


Like a jacket, pants made for motorcyclists are important. Jeans will not withstand the elements, nor will they be resistant enough to last. Some jeans are specially made, as well as other pants, that you can simply slide on top of whatever pants you are wearing that day.


Gloves help with grip and bike control and are important in your safety when you ride your motorcycle. Typically, you are able to purchase gloves from a local bike shop, and they often come in different sizes, styles and even materials, depending on your needs and wants. No matter what glove you are looking at, ensure that there is a strap on the wrist for protection.