The Best Touring Motorcycle

Taking a long distance journey on a motorcycle is an experience in a milion. The pure act frees your mind, and open it up to endless possibilities.


If you are considering buying yourself a touring bike, chances are you intend on spending endless hours on the open road, destination nowhere in particular. Comfort is extremely important for long distance trips, for both you and your passenger. Additional features like a windshield big enough to protect you from the wind that is rushing in, all add to the comfort of the ride. Many touring bikes also incorporate traction, and cruise control into the mix. A GPS system is imperative for long trips and will keep you on the right road. Being stranded, and lost in the middle of nowhere is not a fun experience for anyone. Many touring bike manufacturers have found the inclusion of a stereo, or iPod jack to be a game changer. Long distance, especially if done alone, can become a little too quiet.

Baggage Space

So you are taking a long journey by bike, does that mean you have to forget all the extras at home? Some of the top-ranked touring bikes provide more than ample space for storage. You can take everything you need with you, and store it out of harm’s way with ease. These bikes are designed to carry a load, however, the load does not interfere with the operation, or handling of the bike.


While most touring bikes are built with an engine that packs a punch, they are not intended as sport bikes which you reach excessively high speeds in. The engines will go the distance, and allow you to cruise comfortably to your destination. The added load requires the power that they are packed with.