How To Remove Little Scratches

It is correct to say that scratches on a motorcycle are unavoidable. The nature of riding a bike is such that it happens regardless of how careful you may be. There are a number of ways of taking care of little scratches before they begin to become larger problems that make rust.

Minor Scratches

Very minor scratches that can only be viewed when the sunlight hits them, or felt when you lightly run your fingers over the painted area, require an application of wax to remove them. It is a fairly simple procedure. The affected area must be cleaned before you begin. A small amount of vehicle polishing wash must be placed onto a soft cloth, and then rubbed onto the affected area. Leave the cream or wax to dry, and then simply polish it off. Your motorcycle paintwork should be as good as new in this way.

Moderate Scratches

Scratches that are a little more severe, affecting more than just the clear top coat, are a tad more work to remove. Scratches that you can easily feel when you pass your fingernail over the area, are deeper, and it will take a lot more elbow-grease to remove them. There are a number of products on the market to assist you in successfully removing these moderate scratches without having to repaint your motorcycle. These kinds of scratches are usually the result of keys, zippers, and similar.

While scratches may not affect how your motorcycle operates, it does result in an appearance that is less than attractive.